Golden Retriever Obedience Training

K-9 Shadow – Minnesota
(from "Badge On My Collar" by Marilyn Jeffers Walton)


The rain poured down at a steady pace with no signs of stopping. It did not deter Shadow in any way, and without hesitation, he followed after the suspect. Before Mark could stop him, the eager dog jumped out onto the wet roof. Pivoting quickly while teetering on the short roof eave, Shadow scrambled over the rooftop in pursuit. Mark could not always see where the dog had run in the fast pursuit but periodically caught glimpses of him climbing up across sections of the roof. At the heart-stopping times when Shadow was out of sight, Mark could only wonder where he was or if he had fallen to the ground. What if he tried to apprehend the suspect on the slippery slanted roof top? The handler could not go out onto the roof himself since it was too dangerous, so feeling quite helpless, all Mark could do was yell to the officers standing below advising them to catch the falling dog if necessary, knowing that in reality that was an impossibility.





The round grenade-like flash bangs landing in the apartment would create a sufficient diversion that would allow the team to act quickly. The device would explode with a large report, and then brilliant light, flash and flame would rock the room. The SWAT members hoped the effect would disorient the uncooperative man. There was always some danger deploying the dog when the device was used as injury could occur due to fragmentation from its blast. In a less-frenetic situation, it could easily be mistaken for a dog toy, and the typical dog that had seen it thrown would want to run and retrieve it. At a distance, Shadow would be safe, but closer to it, there was always the possibility that a burn or trauma from blast pressure could occur if the dog was right on top of it. 




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