About the Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever was created in Great Britain in the 1800's as a game retrieving dog.

Today, Goldens are used for a variety of purposes such as companion dogs, , field trials, and service dogs.

Lovable and always happy are words that describe the Golden Retriever best. These spunky dogs love to please their owners are are very easy to train. They do great with children and other animals and their sweet disposition makes them an ideal family . Although they generally love everyone, they will alert their owners to the presence of a stranger. They do tend to have a lot of energy so activities that incorporate endurance are ideal for them. If left unattended for long periodsof time or if seperated from the family can become troublesome. They do best when given tasks to do such as hunting, retrieving or performing activities. These dogs are also great so if you are near water they are likely to jump right in.

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