Short History Of The Golden Retriever Breed

Quite a romantic theory of the breed origin existed for a long time. Golden Retrievers were believed to come from a couple of circus dogs from Caucasus in late 19 century. Lord Tweedmouth was believed to have been so charmed by these dogs that he bought them all and started a new breed. However, it was proven later that the breed did not start this way.

In 1952 the breeding records of Lord Tweedmouth were published by his grand nephew, revealing the real story. Tweedmouth met a cobbler whose dog gave birth to a slightly unusual Retriever. He was yellow. Lord Tweedmouth bought the puppy and later crossed him with Tweed Water Spaniel female dog. The cross resulted in four pups that became a starting point for a breeding process that included sandy-coloured Bloodhound, black Retrievers, Irish Setter and St. John's Water Dog. The result was Golden Retriever breed as we know it. The breed was first acknowledged by The Kennel Club in 1903 and first exhibited in 1908.

Golden Retrievers survived the WWII when many dog breeds became extinct. We are lucky to enjoy the beauty and loyalty of this breed.

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