Problems Of Having A Golden Retriever. FAQ

If you thinking of getting a Golden Retriever - this article will tell you what you might encounter. Goldens are loving and caring, but they are not a treat. Having a Golden Retriever requires strictness, patience and attention, as well as time and energy.
  1. Is Our Home In Danger?
    Depends on how lucky you are. There are Goldens that don’t damage anything in the house ever, there are dogs that eat only high quality leather shoes, and finally, there are those who chew on everything they see. If you can put up with such a risk - get a Golden Retriever without doubts.
  2. Are Golden Retrievers good guards?
    The answer is definite - no they are not. Originally Goldens were not guarding dogs. Aggression towards people is very rare. A Golden Retriever would better make friends with a stranger than attack him.
  3. Are Golden Retrievers so smart that you don't need to train them?
    Untrained Golden Retrievers will turn your life into a constant adventure. You will chase them every morning trying to buckle a leash, then you will jump and run with your dog pulling you around your block for about an hour. All this time you will have to take various gross things out of his mouth. Your dog will eat only sweet desserts and get all your furniture dirty.
    You should remember that Golden Retriever is a dog and he must be trained as a dog when he is still a puppy. Goldens are very energetic and active and their energy must be turned to the right point.
  4. Is there hair in the house?
    I will reveal a deep secret that no breeder would tell you - yes there is. Even with proper nutrition and exercise you cannot solve this problem without cleaning the house. There are cases when families have to give the Golden to a shelter because of an allergy. Think about it and don't get a Golden Retriever if you have allergy.
  5. Are Goldens easily trained?
    Yes, they are very easily trained. It is important to find a good trainer who understands the psychology of this breed. With Goldens one should not press too hard. They will do the tasks as long as they are interested. When they start losing interest it is better to make a little break.
  6. Are Golden Retrievers choosy in food?
    Sometimes it happens. The problem, however, is usually not in the dog, but in the owner. From the beginning do not let your dog choose what he eats.

    If you are not scared by these facts - get a Golden! They are loving and caring and once you go Golden - you can't go back.

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