Short Facts About Golden Retriever Breed

Golden Retriever is a hunting breed. It appeared first in Great Britain in late 19 century.

Golden Retrievers have harmonious build, strong muscular limbs, wide crow area, broad skull, middle size pendant ears, muscular long neck, long straight tail, and straight or curly fur.

As the name of the breed suggests, the color of fur is usually gold, sometimes creamy.
Male Retrievers are usually 22-24 in (56-61 cm) tall in the shoulder. Females are 20-21 in (51-56 cm tall). A healthy dog weighs from 55 to 68 pounds (25-31 kilograms).

Life expectancy is about 12 years. Golden Retrievers are prone to heart and eye diseases, allergies and excessive weight. Require daily exercise.

Golden Retrievers are very energetic and active. They have excellent scent and good memory. Retrievers are very attached to their owners and require attention and proper care. They love walking and playing outside, and especially swimming. The breed overall is characterized by discipline and ingenuity that makes it easy to train Retrievers. Being also devoted and loyal, this amazing breed has become very popular in England as well as in the whole world.

Golden Retriever dog breed was first used for hunting, but expanded to a range of important tasks: guarding frontiers, customs protection, rescuing people. Lately this wonderful dog have started being used as animal therapy for children with mental disorders and in orphanages.

Golden Retrievers are best friends for children and their parents. They are one of the most loyal dog breeds in the world.

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